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ReallyEasyReader improves your reading ability in minutes. You will save time, increase your knowledge base and gain Speed Reading skills. ReallyEasyReader does the hard work for you; load a document, relax, click play and read at twice the speed.
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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
Technical Magic Limited
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May 14, 2006
Description from the Publisher
Using ReallyEasyReader will radically improve your reading ability in minutes.

You will save time, increase your knowledge base and gain all the skills taught in Speed Reading Courses instantly.

ReallyEasyReader does the hard work for you. Simply load a document, sit back, relax, click play and find yourself reading at twice your normal speed without effort.

If you are a student you can revise more efficiently as ReallyEasyReader also boosts concentration levels so that information is stored at a higher retention rate.

As an executive you spend 1 to 2 hours per day reading, with ReallyEasyReader you can cut this time in half, saving up to 20 hours per month free to concentrate on other things.

If you have learning difficulties using ReallyEasyReader can breakthrough your current barriers and make remarkable progress.

Do you wear glasses to read? Use ReallyEasyReader and stop using them. ReallyEasyReader's easily configurable display allows you to set the text font, size and colors that work naturally for you.

ReallyEasyReader is a platform independent program; it only requires a Java Runtime Environment of 1.4 or above. ReallyEasyReader works with any electronic text.

ReallyEasyReader is the result of our continuing research into human brain function, specifically regarding its capacity to absorb information.

Having discovered the full workings of the reading dynamic; we have used our findings to create this software.

ReallyEasyReader allows the user to assimilate information rapidly and easily whilst overcoming all of the major problems encountered in the process.

Try ReallyEasyReader for free - Unlock your reading potential - The future of reading today!
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