File Splitter Advanced 1.1
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"File Splitter Advanced" snapshot
Split files into smaller size files and then join them back together. Useful for splitting files when you only have a few floppy disks, USB drives CDís or DVDís and the large file doesnít fit fully on either of these storage media.
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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
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February 28, 2007
Description from the Publisher
Friendly User-Interface allows splitting files from very small (floppy disk Ė 1.4MB) to very large (DVD size Ė 4.7GB). Some commercial software requires upgrade licenses to be purchased before large files can be split.

There is an option for either specifying the split file size from a preset size or custom size. The preset sizes consider floppy disks, many sizes of USB drives, CD-R and DVDís. This allows for more flexibility and a better overview.

Contains a progress bar for a quick overview of the splitting process.

There is a warning prompt, which prevents a large number of split files filling up Output Directory. Accidentally creating such a large number of split files can significantly stall the PCís operating system.

There is also a warning prompt, which warns in case there is not enough remaining storage space on the Output Drive.

Does not overwrite the existing file type extension with the split file number. This avoids possible ambiguities between file types of the same name, but of different file extension.

Code for the splitting process is written at near-machine level. This makes the splitting process faster. This becomes particularly significant when overall splitting times can last up to a few hours or more.

Reliable, thoroughly debugged code prevents crashes and ensures quality software.

Trial version only allows for a maximum split file size of 1.4 MB (floppy disk size). Upgrading to the full version will enable any size of split file to be specified, either from the preset sizes or manually with the custom option.
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