Command Line SFV Checker 0.1
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"Command Line SFV Checker" snapshot
The necessity to generate and/or check the integrity of a .SFV file using the Ms-Dos prompt only, has carried me to write this program. This software, in fact, is a command line SFV Checker & Builder for Windows.
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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
Enfis The Paladin
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April 20, 2005
Description from the Publisher
Generate or check the CRC32 of the files list present on the given '.SFV' file.
It is very useful in case you must execute a fast CRC32 check of a set of files
and you don't have the Windows graphic interface (for example if you administrat
e a remote PC using a telnet shell). To obtain software help, you must execute t
he command 'Enfis_SFV.exe -h' at Ms-Dos prompt.

Here is the output of the software help ('Enfis_SFV.exe -h') :

Command Line SFV handler v0.1 - HELP INFO

..::[ BUILD PARAM ]::..

-f='(file)' Set SFV output filename (default = 'enfis.sfv').
-p='(path)' Build SFV of a specified directory (default = current dir).
-r Recursive directory. Build SFV of specified (or current) dir
and all its sub-folders. Each directory has its own SFV file.
Pattern match Standard DOS wildcard * and ? are allowed for search pattern.

..::[ CHECK PARAM ]::..

-c='(file)' Check CRC of the specified SFV file.

..::[ MISC PARAM ]::..

-o Redirect output text to the 'enfout.txt' file.
-h, -? Show this help text.

..::[ NOTES ]::..

All path and files name must be enclosed in ' ' if it contains spaces.
Both - and / are allowed like option parameters.

..::[ EXAMPLES ]::..

Enfis_SFV.exe -f=check.sfv *.rar itz*.r?? *hiv*.zip
(Build SFV of all the matching files in the specified pattern inside cur dir)

Enfis_SFV.exe -r -p='c:Program files' -f='Check file.sfv' *.*
(Build SFV of all the files in 'c:Program files', recursively)

Enfis_SFV.exe *.0??
(Build SFV of all the matching files of *.0?? pattern, in current dir)

Enfis_SFV.exe -c=check.sfv -o
(Check CRC of 'check.sfv' file in curret dir. Results are in 'enfout.txt')

Enfis_SFV.exe -c=d:Files_Datacrc.sfv
(Check CRC of 'crc.sfv' file in 'd:Files_Data')
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